The Salty Lady above has a really well sealed Port Light. Not so much for our Salty Lady. A day taking a a stiff chop on our starboard bow left water dripping down from every starboard dogged down hatch.

Time had taken its toll on her Port Light gaskets. They were hard, brittle and decayed.

The Port Lights are held in by a pair of bronze drift pins. Most came out easily using a small drift (a round tool slightly smaller than the pin used to hammer out the pin)

Time for new material! The rubber was so hard, it needed to be scraped out with a screwdriver and hammer.

It took about 15 minutes to clean the groove.

New material came from Defender Industries. Made by Wefco. It’s a square gasket material with a round hollow core which allows it it compress into the frame. Two sizes are available and our Salty Lady uses both. The smaller size shown below is for the state room and head port lights. The larger would fit the galley and pilot house.

Just a heads up, I noticed that the pics show the seam on the bottom of the port light, I’m pretty sure I relocated them to the top.

I started by cutting the miter (45 degree end cut) and then installing the gasket into the groove. After I had run the gasket around, I cut the material an inch oversized. I pulled both ends out of the groove, inserted the newly cut end and placed the mitered end on top to mark. No pic. Sorry. Once marked I, I made the second miter cut slightly long 1/8″+/-

I removed the gasket, put a small bead of black silicone into the groove and a dab on the miter

Next I installed the port light back into the frame and dogged it lightly down for the night.

8 port lights. About 3 hrs start to finish, and they all seal 😄

Another Salty Lady job completed…..