The advertising and reviews for the Krogen 42 all state that she has enough teak to make her classy, but that it shouldn’t overwhelm the owner with maintenance.

The teak Salty Lady has is plenty! We have been putting real thought into how much teak needs to be bright and which elements can be left natural.

Our plan has been to continue the restoration of the teak, breaking the size and number of elements into individual jobs. The salon window frames, pilot house door frames, utility door and hatch became one job. The cockpit ceiling to salon wall mounding and flybrige hatch opening another. The point was to limit the amount of re-coat time to 60- 90 min.

Using Awlwood allows for 3 coats a day. Although in perfect conditions we were able to put on 5 coats. What are perfect conditions? I found high humidity, 80 degrees.
During this finishing process I would arrive at the boat after work and give everything a light sanding, wipe it down and possibly get two coats on, in the morning after coffee another coat would go on. Possibly two if the finish dried quickly. Building up the 6 to nine coats was not problematic or time consuming

We found changing out the masking tape at 4-5 coats helped prevent the tape from being imbedded into the finish. 320 sandpaper was sufficient for the last coats. No finer than 220 prior.

The cap rail, eyebrows, and bulkwards still need to be refinished. The teak steps up to the forward deck will probably remain natural.