Eyebrows can really improve the look!

Unfortunately Salty Lady’s eyebrows were just not attractive in fact they were a delaminating mess!

The pilot house forward section and the boat deck stern quarters were in need a replacement.

After removing all the sections requiring replacement, we went shopping for teak. After ripping the teak into 3/16″ strips we found it to be to thick to easily make the curve and ripped down again to under 1/8″

The plan was to use Sikafex 291 to adhere the first strip then epoxy and staple subsequent layers to achieve the final thickness. The first strip was fit, bedded and screwed with pan head screws. After the adhesive cured we removed the screws and started building up layers with epoxy using monel staples to hold each subsequent layer in place. The final layer was screwed in place using the same pan head screws These screws were carefully measured and placed as once the epoxy cured they to would be removed and the holes from the screws would be countersunk for permanent screws which would extend into the fiberglass. The holes were then plugged.


Built up with temporary screws in place

the profiling was done by eye using a disc sander.

iOnce complete the finishing began. We used 9 coats of Awlwood over the Awlwood yellow primer.

The finished project !