While the gentleman above enjoys checking out his Salty Lady we will focus our own attention on the decision to buy Salty Lady

We’ve all been there, the pre purchase survey……

I hired my own surveyor, recommended by a local 3rd party broker. He did all the things on the list and made repair recommendations varying from immediate to keep on eye on. Did he catch everything? Not at all, but most things need to be used regularly and Salty Lady had not been used for a few years.

The hull checked out with a few minor blisters and moisture in port side hull and bottom. This required detailed discussion with owner, bottom experts, Kadey Krogen and various yard managers in order to come up with a solution to this problem. With a plan in place we moved on. I’ll discuss that fix when we haul in the fall.

Between the prior owner and myself we fixed all the “immediate” items on the list. We purchased the boat and started to use her.

And this is where Maintaining a Salty Lady begins……..