Bright work on a Krogen 42 is like putting on the lipstick, it changes the entire picture.

This Salty Lady is is need of a make over. The sun and time have not been kind to some of her finest assets.

It’s fall, Salty Lady is out of the water and it’s time to bring her removable assets back to the salon, AKA ” the shop” for the winter. O

The assets are doors, doors and Dutch doors, and what I call the glove compartment doors on the boat deck, aka the fly bridge.

I’m so glad we are warm, dry, and comfortable. Let’s get Salty Lady’s assets bare!

With the stripping done, it became time to evaluate the balance of the project. We decided to bleach, sand, stain then put the finish on

Awlwood became our finish of choice. Basically because the refinish time was in multiple years and that multiple coats could be applied per day.

The process requires that a stain, clear, yellow or red, be applied prior to the finish. This stain is in fact Awlwood’s primer or bonding coat. We chose yellow as it highlights the teaks natural color

Next 8-10 coats of finish are required to attain the depth of finish and longevity. The good news is I was able to put up to 4 coats a day on!

the final result in the shop was nothing less than an WOW, ten coats——

While,originally my plan was to install the doors in April, Mother Nature had other plans. In March a windstorm developed in Galesville, Md. and ripped the cover off the boat. So there Salty Lady sat, exposed unto the world, access to her most cherished interior available to the elements. A call from the yard alerted me to her vulnerability and the next day I packed up the car with all the hardware, wrapped the doors and drove NY to MD.

At this point, we have the doors on and finished, our plan is to move Salty Lady closer to home this coming May. Stamford, Ct. will be her new home.