It’s April 2018. And we know we need to keep the bilges and hull dry. In our quest to achieve this, we noticed our scuppers to be a bit suspect.

It was hard to tell if this was just some gelcoat and paint issues or if we had a serious problem. After all the scuppers tend to get worked pretty hard under certain sea conditions.

We grabbed the Rotozip and some small cutting wheels and took a better look. In all it showed there were some issues. The weekends work turned out to be opening and cleaning up the 4 scuppers in each side.

Total Boat epoxy thickened with silica was our repair medium. After filling, sanding and repeat, we let things cure overnight.

Sunday morning was a finish sanding with three thin coats of gel coat. We now have solid scuppers on both sides. The stern may get some work in the future.