The boards are blank!

The name boards with the running lights were a bit tired, there was no name on them. After going to the Krogen Cruisers Rendezvous in October 2017 and seeing all the great names boards. I knew Salty Lady deserved something nice.

It’s now March 2018

I removed them and stripped them

The screw holes on the feet were in tough shape and required drilling out and a plug installed to create a good flat surface. I thought about building these new as the wood had some splits and had been finished so many times it was getting thin. But with so many other projects and expenses we decided to keep what we had and just move forward Epoxy is a wonderful thing. I filled the splits with small bits of wood and epoxy. Let’s start getting the finish on and order some lettering. It’s the same finish as before Awlwood gloss. 10 coats thick

Finally complete. And installed getting ready to cruise.