It’s well into May, 2018

Salty Lady has been launched and is sitting at the dock in Galesville, MD.

It’s s time to take her home to Stamford, Ct.

This area of the bay has been beautiful. Last fall cruising it was very special. I can see why so many love these cruising grounds. We will miss it, but we will return.

But first we need to load her with our food, friends and gear. We’ve also brought some tools and supplies with us. The Plan is to cruise up to the C&D Canal then down the Delaware Bay to The Cape May Canal. Off shore for the balance.

As you may get the idea. When it comes to taking care of Salty Lady very little gets by my scrutiny. I’m usually driven to get the work done ASAP

On the second day. Out came the tools, that ratty finish just had to go!

The weather was perfect, the seas light, let’s get this done!

Damaged areas were filled with Total Boat epoxy and teak flour. (Very fine teak sawdust)

Sanded, 120 grit and 220 grit.

Primed with Awlwood yellow primerjhhh

4 coats of Awlwood gloss.

More finish was applied after we arrived in Ct. A total of 9 coats were eventually used.

Now Thats A Coat of Lipstick!